Thursday, January 21, 2016

Flower Collection ~ Week Two

I will be the first to admit that I am rubbish at exposure, therefore Emma's latest info and our assignment has been really helpful. It has been great playing around with natural light and my camera settings. 

I am stepping out of my 'Autism Mum' shoes for this photography project, however, I still find myself applying some RDI principles when it comes to thinking about my goals.

My planned engagement (with my camera!)

I decide on the image to photograph and how I would like to portray the subject.
I work on manual mode, therefore have to plan my camera settings.
I am mindful of my surroundings and make a plan to remove any distractions (dogs!)
I establish some personal limits. For example; Don't take more than twenty images. 
I am mindful of the fact that I will be challenging myself and I must be sure to stop what I am doing should I start to feel too anxious and/or frustrated. Edge plus 1 and all that. :)

Reflections (personal thoughts on my captured images)

I upload my photographs to Lightroom and briefly assess each image. The rejects get dumped immediately. I then start looking at the remaining images and reflect on what I see there. 

What did I do well
Is the exposure too dark/too light. 
Do I like my chosen aperture. 
Is the image sharp. 
Am I happy with the composition.
What editing can I do to improve my image. 

If at any time I am unhappy with an image it gets dumped. After editing, I then start comparing the images and remove the ones that don't make me think, 'wow' or 'that's good enough'. I aim to save at least three images that grab my eye. I then get very picky, I choose one and delete the others.

With that one final image, I spend some time looking at it carefully and reflect on the positives. I also make a note to myself on what I can do in the future to further improve my skills. 

It's all good fun and I can't reiterate enough on how awesome it is to have a hobby for myself. Escapism for sure, but hey ho, why not!


  1. Absolutely stunning: the yellow flowers at an unusual angle particularly caught me eye.

    (And your RDI reminders helped me to approach the homework problem here in a better way just now....Please keep them coming)

    1. Glad you liked them, Blue Sky. I don't think I can stop writing about RDI!! :-) xx

  2. Such an awesome job on those pictures!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Karien. Lovely of you to say so.

  4. Lovely variety. I was curious when I saw your reply to my last comment regarding the RDI perspective.... well done! I think you could start an RDI photography manual or blog!

    1. Thank you, rdiaustralia.
      Starting another blog sounds like quite a challenge. An edge plus 1 perhaps! :)

  5. Beautiful. Pretty. And the clarity of colours is amazing. Well done. We all need a hobby or interest, they are good to have. Enjoy yours :) xx

    1. Thanks, Jazzy. I am really loving my hobby. xx


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