Sunday, November 23, 2014

Project 365 ~ day by day

Day 55 ~ 62

My Nick is pre-verbal, however, he is quite capable of using other methods to communicate! 

I was walking Nick into school and happened to see this on the driveway. Snapped using my iPhone!

I organise a coffee morning four times a year. It is for mothers who have kids with special needs. Predictably, I always choose the same venue, purely because it is one of my favorite haunts and I love the ambiance. It is fabulous to meet up with others who walk a similar path to mine. 


Hah, after taking a few pretty pictures using my Nikon, I ended up preferring this image that was captured on my iPhone! Just goes to show that you don't need to have a fancy camera to enjoy photography!

Another iPhone snap. This one is to commemorate my son's *final* school commitment.
Three more exams to go and then life as we know it will be over!

I had such fun capturing this image (I took at least 50!). Nick was aware that I was very close to his swinging feet and thankfully I didn't get a whack. Both dogs kept interrupting me and caused a bit of mayhem... it's not often that the 'boss' is on the same level as them! :)

The day is a bit wet and overcast, therefore no nice opportunities to practice outside. Back to the sink I went. Lots of lovely light coming in through the kitchen window, although I still need loads of practice perfecting this type of image.