Thursday, May 21, 2015

#R2BC ~ making lemonade!

There is nothing like a little bit of respite to get the old mojo back. Raising a child with special needs is not an easy road. We all know that. No matter how much we adore our precious kids, whether they be tiny tots, moody tweens or spotty young adults...... sometimes we need a break.

We have just been on an overseas trip with friends. It was a wonderful experience and we had a lot of fun together. I ate a lot, drank more than I normally do and had copious amounts of exercise every day.

When life gives you lemons

make lemonade!

It helped tremendously to know that Nick was being well looked after at home and that he was happy with his lot in life. Oh of course 'Mother Guilt' raised her head, although she was banished as soon as I set my foot on the first plane!

Having the time away replenished my reserves. I came back feeling lighter and ready to take on regular life again. Time out is highly recommended!

Onward and upward.......

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