Friday, October 31, 2014

Project 365 ~ Manual Mode

Day 32 ~ 39

I am hanging out in manual mode and spending the next few days capturing close up shots of Nick's shoe! I think I feel more comfortable with having a theme as opposed to sharing random photographs. Edge plus one, ya know!

I was lying on the ground trying to get the best vantage point for the image I wanted to create. My crazy dog came to investigate and then started licking my ear. The interruption was delightful (not the wet icky tongue!) and a good reminder to enjoy life and have a laugh. Yes, I know there is a little back box in the corner! :-)

If you think this one is boring... you should have seen the others!

I am loving a focused foreground with a blurry background.

Another image showing shallow depth of field.
If you are wondering why I left a little bit of shoe out of the image,
go check out the The Gestalt Principles

I thought it was time to bring in some colour. 
Having a lot of fun playing around with aperture and shutter speed. 
Am slowly coming to grips with marrying the two!

Hey, guess what? I took the day off! I made a plan for Nick and then went out for lunch with two 
dear friends. Had a fabulous time, although lost all enthusiasm for today's photo challenge. 
I am so over this shoe!

Took the boys out for a milkshake and captured this image of my first born. 
Way more interesting than a boring shoe! :)

Shoe + rope + slight breeze = great opportunity to practice with my shutter speed!

Have a fabulous weekend!