Sunday, August 31, 2014

My resilient teen!

"Mindset drives actions, actions dictate results"

For the last few weeks I have been mulling over the idea of going away for the weekend. In the back of my mind I had already decided that the trip would involve a plane and we would only be away for the Friday and Saturday night. I visualized sitting in a favorite cafe, sipping on the most delicious cappuccino and watching the world go by....... I then saw myself pick up the closest implement, be it a spoon or even a fork; and use it to gently stir the thick and creamy vanilla milkshake that was sitting on the table..... in front of Nick.

Crazy idea?

Or not?

My idea has come to fruition and we are taking that trip next weekend. This family of four are going to be taking our first flight together. We will be staying in unfamiliar accommodation. Nick will have to share a bedroom with his brother; and horror of all horrors, also sleep in a single bed. His meal time routines are going to be all over the place, and as for the food that he gets to eat? Well, we will make a plan!

In short, Nick's lovely comfortable daily life is going to be thrown upside down. He is going to face challenges which may go beyond his *edge plus one*. Mind you, we do have some memories to fall back on, a little bit of familiarity to encourage our feelings of competence. We did the same plane trip last year, and while it was a nerve racking experience (for me, not him!), it was also a wonderful success.

I believe that we can do the same again. Although our experience will be different from the previous adventure (same but different!), I feel confident that Nick will be fine. We will be there to support and guide him. We are capable of gauging Nick's anxiety level and will accommodate for his needs. Psssst, the iPad is a great tool for some escapism!

Thanks to RDI, our boy no longer has problems with any type of transition. He is comfortable going to new places and he knows that he can look to us for guidance. The hustle and bustle of people don't bother him and he can cope with a lot of noise. RDI has been empowering for us as a family and Nick's disability is becoming less of an issue.


I wasn't going to tell Nick about our impending trip until Monday; however, he must have overheard a conversation and has been making the gesture for "plane" since last Thursday! His concept of time is not the best so I have made a very basic schedule to put on the fridge.