Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Curveballs and cake!

I took my Mum and Nick to visit one of my favourite coffee haunts, Churchill House.  Their space is incredibly tranquil and it is very easy to linger for an age over a lovely cappuccino and an exceptionally delicious Bee Sting (small cake).

Upon arrival we found a little spot in their garden and promptly ordered drinks and fattening stuff. Nick settled himself down and requested a milkshake. To our dismay, the waiter came back to inform us that the Bee Stings were still in the oven and that they didn't have any milkshakes! Eeek.

What to do? What to do?

I deliberated over our dilemma for a minute and then decided that we could walk to the local mall and spend some time wandering around. Nick took it all in his stride, although I could sense that he wasn't keen to go *window shopping* again! Typical boy. I also bought him a flavoured milk to drink back at Churchill's.

Anyway, half an hour passed and we headed back, lured by the smell of coffee and the anticipation of devouring a freshly baked Bee Sting. We chose a different table in the garden, placed our order and requested a glass for Nick's milk. The teen plonked himself down and asked for the iPad.

I have a mini iPad that I carry around with me. It has communication apps (which we very rarely use ~ blush), an app that we use ALL the time (Abitalk) and a ton of music. I handed the iPad over without any qualms. Nick stimmed away on his music and gulped down his milk (a new taste ~ woohoo).

I was so impressed with Nick's ability to cope with a lot of variation/change without any warning. A far cry from a few years ago. To be honest with you, if he needs to have some escapism time with the iPad after new experiences and challenges, then so be it! He gets such a kick out of listening to music and my brain switches off to the fact that I am hearing the same old pop song AGAIN!