We love Woody!!!

Thought I would spend a few minutes observing Nick - him on his laptop (not really his but a very old worn out one that used to belong to Allan)........ and me on my laptop (writing this!)

As I gaze across the table, Nick fleetingly looks at me and his eyes wander back to his screen.  He is totally absorbed in the scene unfolding before him; however, as I continue to listen I hear the same scene repeated over and over.  It is a scene from Toy Story and I can hear lots of noisy cars - all of a sudden Woody yells out "DROP" and then a car squeals its wheels! 

I think that if I left my boy to his own devices he would play this all day.  Time to give him a count down, 5 minutes Nick, 4 minutes, 3 minutes..................................  "You need to turn the computer off Nick!" 

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