Saturday, November 15, 2014

Project 365 ~ Not just a Mum!

Day 47 ~ 54

This morning was a period of time that was spent alone, yet with people. A wonderful experience of watching Heidi Shedlock at work. An opportunity to practice using my camera. Time away from responsibilities. How did I feel? The words 'lightness of being' spring to mind.

Having dogs is a whole new responsibility. They need attention, love and lots of walks. Thankfully, we have a suitable field only a 2 minute drive away. The dogs have a blast and I get to have a chat with other doggy people. Not the greatest image to share, but hey, it was on manual. Practice, practice, practice!

The local supermarket had a few pots of roses selling for a reasonable price so I ended up bringing one home. I don't have green fingers, so it won't last for long. :-)

Well, I have reached #50 of Project 365, therefore decided to share this image of Nick. 
You may wonder why my other images in this post are not about him. It's all about balance ~ in order to give him my all, I also need to think about myself. Each image represents something that was for me alone, even the grocery shop! :)

This time last week I received the sad news of a friend who had passed away. On that day I shared an image of a Protea. Today I attended my friend's funeral and I share the same Protea. We are both feeling a little tattered and tired.

A friend of mine has two Cocker Spaniels and they produced a few puppies three and a bit weeks ago. Needless to say, my first born and I were extremely keen to go and visit them. They are so cute and it was very hard to leave without taking one with us!

As I put the harness on my dog, I noticed that he kept licking his leg. On closer inspection I discovered a long deep gash. I dropped everything and raced him off to the vet. Two hours later I have a very drugged up dog with numerous stitches. I don't know how he managed to get cut.... but it was very sharp and also went into some muscle. The experience certainly put me off getting another dog! 


I was trying to get some close up shots of my lunch time smoothie, however, my other dog kept bothering me. I had to smile as he certainly made my image a lot more interesting. There is a ball just in front of his nose! 

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  1. I do love your photo sharing.... and that your posts are sometimes about you and your 'me-time'. I do like your first photo of your dog and I adore the one of Nick so happy in his comfortable place!
    I am very sore to hear about your friend and think the Protea is a lovely photo to share in respect.
    Sorry to hear about your poor doggie too! poor thing... hope he gets better soon :-) xx

    1. Thanks, Jazzy. My Project 365 is becoming more about day to day shares, rather than focusing on Nick. So many more opportunities to choose from! Hope you are feeling more mobile. xx

  2. I love Heidi's painting and all the photos, and am feeling a little 'lightness of being' here too this morning as all the children went to school and according to plan. So sorry about your friend xx

    1. Thank you, Blue Sky. I hope that you continue to feel that 'lightness of being'. Not sure it I holidays loom! :-)

  3. I love all of the dog photos. The picture of Nick also made me smile, even on a swing the iPad is there. Ethan was ill yesterday and fell asleep holding his!

    1. Hi Jane, I do admit that I go a bit gaga over my dogs and probably over share! I hope Ethan is now feeling 100%.

  4. Fab photos. Love the first doggy one, and sorry about your friend #project365


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