Confession Time!

This RDI mom has been very slack of late!

No excuses.

No guilt.

Took a break.

Changed my focus.

Gave myself extra time.

Thought about myself, my family.

Concentrated on living.

Embraced my photography hobby.

Endeavouring to strike a balance.

Always an RDI mom.

Mindful parenting most days.

Declarative language comes naturally.

I am the Queen of pausing.

Constantly aware of the RDI concept, edge+1.

Hmmmmm, I don't sound like a slack RDI mom!


No planning of RDI activities.

That's a biggie.

Nick is becoming resistant to invitations from me.



I know what to do.

I know how to plan an engagement.

I know how to encourage participation.

I know how to apply the edge+1 concept.

I am aware of the importance of taking small steps.

I am aware that even a few seconds of engagement is beneficial.

I know that any activity is a prop for interaction.

I know what to do.

Watch this space.


  1. I have slackened too: it really helps remind me to keep at it whenever I read your posts on RDI, so I am glad there will be more xx


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