Magazine article - my personal story!


  1. Loved reading through this - thank you for sharing. The part about struggles with social interactions really rang true for me. We're finally able to join in some activities again & I'm glad for that.

  2. That's wonderful Di, getting your story out there. Hopefully it will help others too! I love that picture of you and your boy...

    xx Jazzy

  3. I love this article, it so inspiring - it's even made me wonder about setting up schools for kids with aspergers in Ireland xx

  4. @Becky ~ I am pleased to hear that your boy is joining in some activities, that really is something to celebrate. :)

    @Jazzy ~ My claim to fame!!!!! ;) I also love that picture, although it now needs updating. It was taken in November, before Nick's spots arrived! I am sure that I now have a few more wrinkles!

    @Looking for Blue Sky ~ Even though we live in South Africa and don't have to deal with lots of red tape, it still wasn't easy setting up the school. Would you be able to open a school in Ireland or would the rules and regulations give you a massive headache?

    @Petra ~ Thanks, my friend! :)

    Thank you all for your lovely comments xx

  5. Congratulations!!! Nick has come so far! :-) You're an au-some mom!

    1. Thank you, Bookworm. I really appreciate your lovely comment. x


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