Progress is a lovely feeling....

Hi all

My son Nick is 12 years old. He is unable to talk, write his name, add 2 + 2, ride a bike or climb a jungle gym. However, he can communicate, he can laugh with great gusto, he is beginning to point out things of interest in his environment, he is interactive, he loves being with us and he is calm!

Over the last year and through RDI I have been playing a larger role in Nick's life. We have been working on building our relationship.Today was an AHA moment for me! Today I realised how far we have come! Today I learned that Nick now trusts me!

To go back a step.... a few days ago I took Nick to the beach and with some encouragement I got him to walk on the sand with me (huge sensory issues, therefore he was wearing his shoes!).

Today, we went to the same beach, however, this time we left our shoes in the car! I pointed out to Nick the sand, the sea and the silly birds by the water edge! Together, holding hands, we walked onto the sand and slowly but surely towards the water. Now and then Nick would look to me, tighten his grip on my hand or make a noise! He became slightly agitated as we approached the wet sand, so we stopped, paused, took a couple more steps and then turned around and walked back up the beach to the promenade.

This is huge for the both of us! I don't recall the last time we went on the sand together, although I do know that he was under the age of four!!

Onwards and upwards....

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  1. Hi, that was very nice to read. At least some happy news... :o)

  2. What a beautiful moment for you:-) I am so delighted to read this, I appreciate what this milestone means to you and wish you many more!

    xx Jazzy

  3. WOW that is an AMAZING accomplishment
    so proud of Nick


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