Finding my calm

I understand the benefits of school holidays.


I can feel myself becoming increasingly tense as each day goes by. My shoulders are tight and I feel on edge. Nick has been a star, therefore I can't really throw the blame at him per se. It is more the situation I find myself in. It's the fact that I am on duty 24/7, with very little respite. That's not to say I haven't had any *me* time', it's just that it has been sporadic. I miss my free mornings while Nick is at school.

Today, I discovered a way in which to wind down. Nick was in his happy place, so I decided to sit near him and play around with my camera. I am enjoying the challenge of learning how to use manual, and taking on a Project 365 encourages me to practice every day.

There we were, Nick swinging away merrily, chuckling over his iPad. The dogs demanding loves and pats and general doggy stuff. Me, adjusting my camera settings, framing my image and taking my shot.

It was blissful, Slow and relaxing. No thoughts beyond the sights and sounds of my immediate surroundings. 

Hey, Nick. That looks fun
Aww, Harry, you want some loves?
Okay, hmmm, f5.6, maybe 125, check light meter, adjust
Yuk, did you really have to lick my ear?
Keep still, dog
Yoohoo, Nick. Click.
Eish, this grass is itchy. Good grief the lawn needs mowing.
Oooh, I love close ups. Wish I had a macro!
Do you have to sit in front of me when I am lying on the grass. Seriously, dog. you are a pain.
Hey, Nicks. This is fun.

Time slowed down. Nothing else mattered. Happy Nick. Happy dogs. Happy me.


  1. 'Me' time whilst spending quality time with family members.... the perfect balance!
    Lovely post and sounds like a lovely time :-) xx


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