He CAN do it!

It's 6am. I am safely ensconced in the spare bed, fast asleep and dreaming of who knows what. *Note: When you live with a runner who wakes at 4:30am along with an autistic teen who also gets up early, then it's necessary to make a plan!

Nick comes bounding into the room, no concern about my need for a lie in.
"Eat", he signs.
I look at him through bleary eyes. "You will need to get dressed first", I say.
He quickly makes the sign for,"help".
I am thinking to myself, how can I manage to stay in bed just a little bit longer...
"You can do it, Nick".
He wanders off down the hallway, although comes back within two seconds.
"Help", he signs.
"Nick, it's fine, you CAN do it. You need some undies, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt".
He heads off to his bedroom and I can hear a bit of action going on.

Stomp, stomp, stomp go his feet on his way back down the hallway. He stands in the doorway looking at me, making the sign for, "eat". Well, what do you know! He is wearing a pair of shorts, a new pajama top, and I presume his undies. Everything is on back to front.

It works for me 100% and I show my delight that he has managed to get dressed independently. "Did you put on your deodorant?", I ask him. Nick looks at me and nods his head for, "yes".

He is SO cool.


  1. I think you are blessed because you find joy in these moments. I was so frustrated with Nicky getting up at 5:15 this morning and when I tried to lie down he cried and cried so I had to get up. Eventually I got into the swing of things. But I am not a morning person....

    1. It is so frustrating being woken so early, I really do feel your pain. Finding the joy helps me from going insane! :-)
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Waking up early is the norm in our house as well, even when my son is at a campout! Do Nick use South African Sign Language to communicate with you Di? I so get how in these moments we see the joy of motherhood!

    1. Glad I am not the only household! :)
      Nick uses a little bit of South African sign language and some Makaton. He doesn't have a huge vocab because of motor planning issues.


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