Splish Splash

Nick really enjoys time in the pool over the summer. It would be magic if he could swim. But he can't. Way too many motor planning issues. 

He is very confident pulling himself around the rim of the pool and has an absolute ball splashing everyone. It's all good fun and also a great opportunity for some lovely engagement opportunities.

Today, I sat on the top step and invited him to join me. I modeled how to kick my legs really hard to make a huge splash. I then paused in order to give Nick time to take his own turn. He tried, he really tried, however, I realized that he couldn't extend his legs out straight and lock his knees! His knees remained slightly bent and he couldn't get the kicking movement. 

Time to start working those muscles and tendons! If you have any ideas, please send them my way! 


  1. Smiley can't straighten her legs either - but she has contractors. Intense stretching helps, and so does Botox!

    1. Ah, do you find the Botox really helpful, or is it quite quick to wear off? Nick definitely needs a lot more stretching than what he is getting right now! xx

    2. I'm not sure how long the effect is supposed to last, but the improvement seemed to be gone after 12 months. But it's not a problem, she barely flinched getting the injection.


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