Project 365 ~ Oh, the places we go!

Day 16 ~ 23

Hey ho, hey ho, it's off to the park we go. Nick took one look, found a seat and plonked himself down. After about 15 minutes of looking at his sad face, I handed over my phone. The dogs had a great time!

The very next day we headed away for a long weekend. Just me and Nick. I wasn't overly thrilled to find our favorite spot thick with mist and looking like a huge mud puddle. The following image was captured using my phone.

We managed to get a little respite from the weather. Not for long, but just enough to create this image of our lovely view. The rest of the gang joined us..... there went the peace and quiet!

After a horrendous night of miserable weather, we decided to break free and go for a drive. A local farm opens their garden to visitors once a year, so we spent a lovely time wandering around, admiring the many Azalea bushes. This lovely bunch was left on our car by the owner of the farm. So thoughtful and much appreciated.

Mbona can experience many seasons in one weekend. True to form, after three days of wild weather, the sun came out and it got extremely hot. We took the opportunity to go for a wee walk. With hindsight it probably wasn't a great idea. Nick was exhausted and when we got back to Durban that night, Nick went straight to the kitchen drawer and pointed to the face mask ~ indicating to me that he wanted the nebulizer. Not good.

Back to school for the 4th term. I hemmed and hawed over the type of image I wanted to create to represent the first day back. I snapped away at the school building. Boring. I played around with some shots of the swings. The background was too busy. Nothing seemed to fit well with me.... until I saw the trampoline! Win.

Nick had Speech Therapy this afternoon. While waiting for him, I planned to have a wander around the area to see what I could capture. However, I ended up chatting to our wonderful Therapist and time ran away...... Thanks to the iPhone, I still managed to take a snap during our chat. Nick's favorite books!

So, today was our very last day of Occupational Therapy. We have been seeing the same Therapist for 13 years and have build up a wonderful relationship. The guidance and support that we have received has been incredibly special and I am going to miss her terribly.


  1. Oh I love that trampoline shot. And the phone one of the tree in the mist is a superb photo!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Blue Sky. I am having such fun with them! xx

  3. Gorgeous pics. What an end to an era, 13 yrs with the same OC!? Unheard of over here xxx

    1. Thanks, Jo. We had to go the private option as there was no other option! Hence the 13 years! xx

  4. Some lovely shots there, I really like how you captured the tree in your side mirror!
    Not good that Nick needed his nebuliser I guess, but really good that he knew to ask for it :-)
    Hope he keeps well :-) xx

    1. Hi Jazzy. Thanks for liking my tree. I am very chuffed with it! :)
      Nick is on another antibiotic due to residue left on his lungs.... he seems too much better this weekend. xx

  5. I love all of the photos and that you are really thinking about how to capture your day. The second photo is amazing. I hope yo take part in this project next year, I'm sure my photos won't be as good as yours x


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