Team work!

Nick has perked up a bit; therefore I decided to invite him to help me with some cooking. He was so keen to be involved that he was standing at the bench waiting for me to finish getting my act together!

#1  I browned the mince and onions. I also set out all the ingredients and utensils that were needed.

#2  Nick's role was to place the ingredients into the saucepan. I wanted to start off the activity with a nice and easy co-regulatory pattern to ensure that he was feeling comfortable and confident.

#3 The next step of my plan was bring in a challenge for Nick. Something that would address the concept 'edge plus one'. I thought the use of a can opener would be a brilliant challenge. It is a utensil that Nick is familiar with, although not yet competent at using.

Check list to self
No major distractions
Be declarative
Go with the flow
Scaffold when necessary
Remember that the activity is about the engagement NOT the task!

I have included this first clip because I feel that it is a good example of how I go with the flow. Nick left my side and went to get the lid. From there, we had a lovely time playing around with the lid. This wasn't part of my original plan; however, it doesn't matter to me.....

Now we are back on track. This video clip relates to #2 above. Won't bore you with lots of reflections on this clip... except to say that we are working as a team, which is what it is all about.

Next up comes the challenge......We need to open the tin. Rather than telling Nick what to do, I give him the chance to try and figure it out! Around time code 0:29, I make a comment about opening the tin. He immediately goes to get a knife. I decide to go with the flow (again!) and we have a little bit of experimentation before I remind him about the can opener. We then spend a couple of minutes playing around with the tin and can opener.

To be honest, the last couple of minutes of this clip are a bit too 'busy'. I am chattering away and providing a lot of scaffolding. But, hey, Nick was amazing, so resilient and keen to keep trying. Therefore he handled the challenge quite well. Personally, I feel that Nick's participation is 'huge' and it makes me a very happy mum.

Upon reflection, I have decided that our next planned engagement will revolve around only the tin and can opener. I will give us both very definite roles and also accommodate for Nick's motor planning issues and low muscle tone.  For example; I will hold the handle of the can opener and Nick can be the turner. The challenge for Nick can be in the swapping of roles, he can hold the handle and I will be the turner. Onward and upward!


  1. Great to see Nick's determination in the third one, and I may use the tin opener challenge here!

    1. Hi Blue Sky, he certainly was determined and I am so thrilled with his resilience. Good luck with the tin opener. There are so many things we can do with our kids during the day.

  2. That is just brilliant and I love how you just go with the flow. It's not always just about the task, sometimes it's ok to have fun too! It's a good message I think.... :) xx

    1. Thanks, Jazzy. Yes, that's it... fun is also a big component of engaging with our kids. It makes what we are doing much more meaningful... rather than making it all about a boring old chore!


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