Project 365 ~ Random shots!

Day 24 ~ 31

It's raining, it's pouring. Not a great day for using natural light. After much thought and experimentation, I placed Nick's communication device on a white windowsill and used the light coming through the window.

Another rainy day and we both have a bit of cabin fever. We head down to the beach to take a look at the waves. Nick is enjoying a bit of rock music (as am I) while I play around with some more reflection images. Too many raindrops to get out of the car!

Why on earth am I sharing an image of salt and pepper? Easy peasy ~ Nick uses them to choose what flavour milkshake he would like! Chocolate or vanilla?

It's Sunday and I have left the gang at home. It was only for a couple of hours, but hey, better than nothing! :)

 I captured a few images of Nick at school this morning. They were taken inside the building and I used the natural light streaming in through a window. However, they didn't enthrall me so I binned them! Therefore am sharing another photograph that I took this afternoon!

My dear sweet boy. 15 years old, Autistic. Pre-verbal. Gentle. Easy. Loves going out. Not keen on the dogs. Loves school. Adores his iPad and would stim on it all day if allowed to!

Nearing the end of our nebulizer muti. Nick is very comfortable with wearing the mask. He will often ask for it, although I think it is a ploy to get the iPad! :-)

Time for some fresh air!


  1. Some more lovely shots, lovely to see them. Such gorgeous eyes your Nick has...... :-) xx

    1. Thank you, Jazzy. I also think his eyes are gorgeous... as mother's do!! His eyelashes are to die for! xx

  2. The beach looks wonderful even in the wing mirror x


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