The joys of blogging!

Ok, I never thought I would be doing this, however, a very old school friend of mine has starting blogging and I thought "why not!!".  I am certainly not shy about sharing what goes on in my life (as anyone on my facebook list can testify!).  I have a child with autism and I want people to know what my life is like day in, day out, week after week, year after year!

This blog is not intending to be a 'woe is me' story.  That part of my life is over (thank goodness - although who can tell what my reaction will be when puberty hits!).

Blogging also isn't very big in South Africa, so this will probably turn into a diary for my own keeping and not be seen by anyone else, unless of course I post it to facebook!  :)

Hopeless Blogger!

I really am NOT a competent blogger. Tammy, I have only just seen your comments now.......months later!

To anyone who finds this blog, don't expect to find anything of interest on it.... :-)