Let's talk about patterns

Prior to RDI I had never really put any thought into the patterns that we use when engaged in a co-regulatory activity. For sure, there were many times that I said to Nick, "It is my turn and then it is your turn". Nick also understood the concept of turn taking, however, our engagements were not very collaborative at the time. I cringe when I think back on how I used to over prompt him. "It is my turn". "Now it is your turn". "Put the piece in here". Tap, tap, tap. "Now it is my turn". "Pick up that piece, it is your turn". "It goes in here". Tap, tap, tap, goes my finger knocking on the puzzle where the piece belongs.

These days, I am a lot more mindful of how I engage with Nick and I am certainly more knowledgeable of the different patterns used. The following videos show four different role actions that we use within our planned engagements and throughout the day.

In the video below, we are using a reciprocal pattern. I am taking a turn to pick up the mango with the fork and my goal is for Nick to take the *same* turn as me. I want him to realise that there is a pattern to our activity and then coordinate his actions with mine. He is hesitant to use the fork, although he references me and watches carefully to gauge my reaction.

We are using a simultaneous pattern in the following clip. I pick up some mango with the fork and spotlight, "I have got my piece". I also add a little bit of scaffolding to help guide Nick with the next step. I really like how he is focused on what we are doing (except for the odd distraction caused by the dogs!). I take it slow and give him plenty of time to think about what is going on. So proud of this boy.

The role action in this next video is all about me taking a turn and Nick taking a different turn. We have established our pattern and I feel that Nick is competent with his role, therefore I start thinking about giving him a little challenge. I ask myself, what would be our next step? What would be Nick's 'edge plus one'? I talk about my thoughts in order to spotlight success and for Nick to get a sense of what is coming next.

This last video clip is the fourth role action and one that is the hardest for the both of us! It is called a complementary pattern which means that we do different actions at the same time. Eeek! Apologies in advance but this clip is slightly longer than what I usually like to share! Our engagement looks like the one above.... as in, I take a turn and Nick takes a different turn, however, I am attempting to guide Nick to perform his actions at the same time as me. So much comes into play with this concept. Nick has to think about his motor planning and understand from my guidance that he doesn't need to wait to take a turn... he needs to take his turn *at the same time*! The pressure is on me to transfer that knowledge to him! :)

There is so much that I could share about this particular clip, however, the purpose of this post is to talk about the role actions that I use. Let's just say that I am really happy with my guiding and Nick's participation! As for the complementary pattern ~ it is a work in progress!

As with all my blog posts, the information that I share about Relationship Development Intervention is from my own perspective. I don't proclaim to be an expert and I could be way off base in some areas. I love blogging our story because I am so thrilled with Nick's progress. His resilience shines through and together we make a great team.