Autism Awareness ~ Outings

On the spur of the moment I took Nick down to the local cafe for a milkshake. We are regular faces there and everyone is incredibly friendly and accommodating. The waiters are mindful about waiting for Nick to choose his flavour of the moment and even go so far as to bring extra serviettes without being asked.

We have a number of regular places that we visit and the staff generally go out of their way to assist. During a visit to the supermarket, the checkout lady mentioned how much Nick has grown. I was surprised to learn that she has seen him many times over the years and recalls him as a small boy. My bad... I didn't recognise her!

Recently we headed down to a beachfront cafe and I was astounded to be greeted, "Hello Di", by a waiter who I hadn't seen for at least two years. He saw Nick and came over to check if it really was 'us'. I could have hugged him!

As Nick has become more flexible about visiting new places, we are always keen to expand our horizons. In the early days, I used to get such a knot in my tummy just thinking about introducing any form of change. However, these days, we just go with the flow and all feelings of nervousness have gone (for both me and Nick).

Thank you, RDI, for giving us the confidence to spread our wings.

Portugal 2015