Are you still out there? I haven't blogged for so long that you have probably forgotten all about us. Such is life, I guess!

This RDI mother is still moving forward.......

Today, we made Hummus. I love the stuff, although have never made it before. A nice little challenge for me and also for Nick. Of course I had to invite my boy to join me, to which he did quite freely.

I wrote up the list of ingredients and went through them with Nick.

I collected all of the ingredients and measured them out.

Nick's challenge was to put the ingredients into the food processor when needed. Edge+1

He was a star, although wasn't keen to be involved when the food processor started to do its thing!

I am always very mindful of his Edge+1 and feelings of competence. I could see he had reached his limit and it was of no bother to me that he needed to leave. I am thrilled that he was happy to be with me and play a small part.

At the end of the day, the activity is only a *prop* for the interaction between us.

Now to see if he will taste it! :)

My Muse!

It's hard to photograph Nick. He doesn't dislike the camera, however, his movements are so rapid that it is difficult to capture him when he looks at the camera. I have loads of 'eye roll' shots to share, but in all honesty it's not a great look! :)

The easiest thing to do is to give him the iPad and just go with the flow.

The second photograph makes me smile. I have this little trick of closing my eyes if Nick gets stuck in a loop of asking me the same old question again and again. He understands that I do not want to engage in his repetitive pattern. I love that he tried out my trick on me.

First attempt at self portrait in low light conditions.