Birthday Ramblings!

It was my birthday and I took the boys to our local coffee shop for my daily cappuccino fix.  Nick was not happy, he didn't want to be there and he gave me a few good strong pinches (a new thing!).  This really bothered me and I spoke to him in an extremely cross voice "Nicholas, don't pinch me, I don't like it". He knew exactly what I meant because he then stroked my arm very gently!

Thomas looked down at the table with a sad expression on his face and I gave a huge sigh........ 

"Oh, how wonderful it would be if our life was normal" to which my big boy replied "YES!" We both spent a few moments mourning what we have lost. But then as quick as a flash we looked at each other and agreed that "such is life and we must just get on with it!"  

We do have pity parties, although they are becoming increasingly less frequent and they don't last very long! Time brings acceptance and acceptance brings peace within. Acceptance doesn't mean that you stop doing all that you can for your child or lowering your expectations of your child. Acceptance doesn't mean there will never be another pity party........... the real world isn't all sweetness and light! For me, reaching acceptance has removed the huge burden that I felt I was carrying, the sadness and despair that engulfed me at times. Acceptance has enabled me to move on with my life, and to start bringing back all those things that I lost, while going through the process of coming to terms with having a child with special needs. Acceptance also means taking the time to really enjoy my child and celebrate any achievement, no matter how small it is.  Acceptance means looking on the bright side (haha!) and finding humor in any given situation.


Some light hearted moments......

Nick pushing a dodgy trolley in Spar and getting stuck in the groove of going around in circles - while we (me, Allan and Thomas) laughed so hard that we had tears rolling down our faces! (last weekend!)

Nick's obsession with putting cream on scratches, bruises, bumps and itches......... this took on a new meaning when he took the cream to his dad, pulled down his shorts and indicated that he needed cream on his (obviously itchy) balls!!!!!  Puberty folks, puberty! I still chuckle at this one :) 

Nick creating his own sign for 'farting' and how he has to tell us every time!


It is a bit of a bummer not being able to do all that 'normal stuff' and we do miss out on a lot! However, I have met some really awesome people over the years and made some special friends.  Having friends who share the same experiences make the road easier to travel........ 

Now I just have to come to terms with getting old!!!


  1. Just what I needed today, thank you.

  2. Today, when I told Pamela we were leaving in five minutes instead of now, she called me bossy and a witch. What keeps me from getting bummed is knowing that five years ago she would have cried and had a meltdown.

  3. @Tammy; Pamela has come a long way :) I also see it in Nick.... he now copes well with transitions and is becoming a lot more flexible with change.


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