Oh boy!

Let me tell you this....... Relationship Development Intervention is not a walk in the park! It is not as easy as it sounds!

When people ask me to tell them about it.......
I generally say;
It is about building the guide/apprentice relationship (i.e. me and Nick, mother and son)
It is about me learning how to be an effective guide (believe me, I really need this!)
It is about going over the developmental stages that Nick has missed out on and getting him back on track (oh s**t, this is going to take a long time!)
It is about the interaction between us!
It is about me giving Nick to the opportunity to 'think for himself'
(This just the tip of the iceberg!)

Sounds easy, right???

I didn't need to think about any of this with Thomas when he was a wee boy..... and we still have an easy flow to our relationship (except when I am yelling at him for not organising his soccer kit the night before and now his dad is waiting in the car and they are going to be late for collecting Oliver and getting to the school bus before it leaves blah blah blah!!!).  All 'normal' stuff! :)

Back to Nick....... we have been working on 'US', however, I am really battling with...... 
"Instead you should feel that there was a connection, a moment where there was nothing in the way, just pure connection". 
This is really hard!  Nick is great at staying with me and interacting with me........
BUT it is really hard to get that "pure connection".

Thankfully, I have someone to guide me! 

If you are interested in learning a bit more about; 
Reaching your child
Experience the Experience
Anticipate you’re actions/reactions to guide your child
Collaborate interactions in your day
Helping your child to communicate without words
You can check out this Cheat Sheet!.




  1. I want to cry, Di. Those boys clearly have a beautiful connection.


  2. Di...you will always inspire me!!!


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