A community of women!

Not so long ago, I spent four hours with a group of women in celebration of one woman. The central figure of this group brought us together, she is a key figure in the lives of our children, she has nurtured us all at some stage or another. Our children have flourished under her direction. Each and every child is treated as if they are the most important child. We all think that she is marvelous and our children adore her!

Last year she needed us...... and I like to think that we were there for her.

At the end of last year someone came up with a plan, I can't remember who..... We decided to have a ladies afternoon tea and we pulled in all the people that mattered to our central figure! 'We' being mums of children who have special needs. It was one way of us to show our support ~ and we enjoyed it so much, that we decided to do it again this year! :)

What an amazing group we are ~ as our children differ from each other ~ so do we! We all have very different personalities BUT we click!  Because of our common bond, we respect and admire each other. We may not agree on everything but that is what makes the world goes round. How boring life would be if we were passive and forever agreeable!! To be part of a group like this is a privilege. To have other women who understand, commiserate, advise and give comfort is immeasurable.

As my eyes wander around the table, stopping at each woman along the way, I am aware that each of us has had to really *feel* the sadness of having a child with special needs. I am also aware of how far we have all come, we have survived, we love our children and accept them for who they are. 

If you are not part of a group like this.......... find one, join one OR create one!

Life with a special needs child is not easy.  For this particular group it is not about fabulous grades, wonderful holidays and shout from the treetops 'success'. It is not about empty nest syndrome, our child's first love, first job and shout from the treetops 'success'.  It is about 24 hours, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year of continuous concern for our children. 

Please, if you are not part of a group like this..... find one, join one OR create one!

We all need our own community of women. 



  1. I completely understand you and I'm a little envious... I tried to create a group here, but there was no real interest... so at the end I have a bunch of mums yet most of them don't know one another... Heck, that's life. Unfortunately you cannot get all you want... Right?

  2. Hi Petra
    Your community of women doesn't have to be autism specific... mine isn't. Keep trying! x

  3. Yes. Yes we do.

    Thank you for being in my pretendy community!

  4. Ah Valerie, it is not pretendy...... it is *online*. :D

  5. Hi Di
    agree!!!! happy to be part of this community. It has taken many years to form so take heart Petra and keep trying. It was a wonderful afternoon and our special lady is amazing, we all owe so much to her.

  6. Hey Janet
    Have a wonderful Christmas. See you next year! xx

  7. Lovely post Di...and good advice!

    xx Jazzy


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