RDI information.... from Zoe! :)

This is an easy read introduction to RDI and I thought it was really worth sharing......
Please click on the link to hop on over to Zoe's blog.




  1. That's a nicely written piece she has, and lovely of you to share it. RDI is new to me - but it reminds me a little of the Dolmen Delcato therapy that I used with my dd with cerebral palsy to try and help her development through the gently repetition of all the developmental stages that she missed. And she did make some progress as a result x

    1. Hi Blue Sky
      Thank you for your comment. Zoe has a son with Aspergers and RDI is a lovely fit for their family. We have also found RDI so beneficial for us. Thanks for letting me know about Dolmen Delcato... I am going to go and check it out now! :)

  2. very nice article - thanks for sharing .. I love the picture she included of her baby
    I find RDI and floortime and sonrise very similar
    Have you read Kyra Anderson's article
    one of my faves too

    1. Hello K, I love Kyra and have been following her for years. It is such a shame that she very rarely blogs! :(
      Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Hello, I recently found your blog through our RDI consultant. We have only just begun the process of starting RDI and we are very excited! I have 9 year old boy/girl twins with the boy having autism, and a 6 year old boy with autism, and a new 7 month old baby girl. We are going to be focusing on my 6 year old with RDI, although I'm sure it will benefit the whole family.

    1. Hello there
      I am so pleased that you took the time to comment on my blog. I feel excited for you and I guarantee that RDI will benefit your whole family! :D
      I really look forward to learning more about you and your FOUR kids! Wow, they must keep you busy!


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