I am over at Hopeful Parents...

My latest blog post for Hopeful Parents can be found right here.....


  1. Lovely post. Left you a comment and shared it too ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  2. Thanks Jazzy, I really appreciate your support! xx

  3. I just came from Hopeful Parents- where I read your post about your dog and son. I stopped by to tell you how nice it is to meet you! I am following your blog! I am a mommy of a daughter with multiple special needs and have been craving the support of others who live this life as well! Can't wait to get to know you better!

    1. Hi Kimberly, I am sorry that it has taken me a while to read your post... it's been a bit busy, what with dog, kids etc! :)
      Thank you for your kind comment. I also look forward to learning more about you and your daughter!


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