My Reality - How do I cope?

Isn't it great being able to connect with other mums and dads who also have kids/teens/adults with special needs? With the click of a button it is possible to offer support, receive support, commiserate, whinge, rave and have a wonderful belly laugh.

I follow the blog of a lovely Irish lass called Looking for Blue Sky and she has posted the following for a blog carnival.... How do I cope?. I like the subject and it fits in with my latest theme 'My Reality'.

The following is a list of questions given by Rebecca, the creator of the blog carnival. You can find her at Here Come the Girls. By the way.... this carnival is for any parent and/or any situation, not just special needs.

1. What is it about your life which has made someone ask how do you cope?
I have a 13 year old son. He is autistic, non verbal, has motor planning issues and high anxiety. If I may be so blunt... this kid of mine is going to be dependent on me for the rest of my life! As for what happens when I have gone? Who knows!

2. What is the best thing about the situation?
To look on the bright side (pun intended!), the situation that I find myself in has forced me to become less of a perfectionist. I now take life very slowly and I have learned to concentrate on all the positives and celebrate every little success. My child has enriched my life!

3. What is the hardest thing?
The dull monotony of living with autism every day! We also love travelling and in order to follow our dreams we have to leave our son at home. This is exceptionally hard, however, our son is happiest at home!

4. What gets you through the day?
A cappuccino! :)
Seriously, I do need my own space and I love my spare four hours every weekday morning. I use this time to see friends, blob around the house, play with the dog and do household chores.

5. What would you change if you could?
As much as I adore my son, I really do wish that he wasn't autistic. I can't change that fact, therefore I blog to create autism awareness. I hope to help change public perception of children and adults with disabilties.

6. What piece of advice would you give to someone finding themselves in your situation?
Slow down. Take the time to really connect with your child. The relationship that you have with him/her is what truly matters.

Written in support of the blog carnival Walk a Mile in my Shoes

 This picture was taken in the Dean's garden at Winchester Cathedral.


  1. Oh I love this post, your honest answers and the idea behind it! I may even take part too! Thanks again for sharing. xxxxx

  2. Thanks, JB. Please take part as I would love to read your post! xx

  3. Just beautiful Di xx


  5. Thanks so much for the mention :). And I loved your honesty too: it's hard to admit that special needs cen be monotonous, but I certainly find that, and often struggle to remember which day it is xx

    1. Blue Sky, you are very welcome! Lets hope that it is the monotony of special needs that makes us forgetful.... not the old age!! :-)

  6. really nice post. I really love your blog
    Kats in Dublin


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