autism Oz iMag

Have you heard?

Coming to an iPad near you!

Shared with permission.

A new autism magazine has been launched. It's innovative, interactive and full of up to date information. For those of you who do not have an iPad, it is also comes in a PDF version. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue and it was fabulous to see some familiar faces and also meet other parents and professionals from around the globe. 

I love that the iMag relates real time stories written by a broad spectrum of people. We get to take a little peek into their lives and feel like we have a personal connection with them. It is refreshing to read that so many people are willing to *give* their time and expertise in order to share information that is helpful to so many.

For further information, check out their website:-

If you are a facebook fanatic fan like me, then head on over to:- Autism Oz iMag facebook page

Issue 02 has just arrived on my Newsstand....

Shared with permission

P.S. Look out for my boy in Issue 03!


  1. It looks fabulous and is a great read too :)

    1. Looks like a very helpful mag. Wish things like this were around in my time!

      xx Jazzy

  2. Hi Blue Sky and Jazzy

    It is a lovely iMag. I also wish we had something like this years ago as it would have been so helpful. Now we are showing our age!! :-)


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