We are back!

We took a break from RDI ~ for five weeks! 

The time was over in a flash and I am now ready to get back into the swing of things. We have been taking it slow for the past week. Hanging out together, going with the flow and reconnecting. I have been testing the water (so to speak) to see if Nick is still keen to be my partner during co-regulatory activities. I purposely didn't set up any planned engagements as I wanted to focus on daily happenings and ensure that Nick had many opportunities to play his own role during our interactions.

For example: 

If I was unloading the dishwasher, I would invite him to help me.
When making juice, I would wait for Nick to join me and take his turn
During our shopping trips he would assist me in various ways.
I involved him during the preparation of meals and lunch box snacks.

Well, it was all so easy. Nick has comfortably slotted back into RDI life with Mum, although he soon lets me know when he has had enough of doing chores. As does any kid, I guess!

Note to self: Include Nick in daily chores. Give him his own role to play.



  1. It's very similar to what I do here too :)

    1. Nice to hear that we have the same style of parenting, Blue Sky! :-) xx

  2. Great to have you back and wonderful to see you and Nick settling back into your routines!
    A lot of our kids like getting involved in (some!!) of our daily chores. Cooking is a good one here but I really must include my boy more. xx

    1. Hiya, Jazzy. It is great to be back. I wish my first born would be more interested in a few daily chores!! Good luck getting yours involved in cooking, who knows, he could be the next Jaime! :-) xx


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