Our Life ~ Episode One

Information for my family

Today, as we were strolling along the beach front, Nick asked me to sing our version of  'The Wheels on the Bus'. Throughout the song we had a bit of banter about what to sing, lots of non-verbal communication with some noises and words thrown in. It went something like this.....

Nick makes the sign for baby.

I sing a verse.... The baby on the bus goes waah, waah, waah

Nick makes the sound, "oh no"

I sing a verse.... Dad on the bus goes oh no, oh no.
(I pause on occasion and wait for Nick to say, "oh no")

Nick makes the sign for cow.

I sing a verse.... The cow on the bus goes moo, moo, moo

Anyway, I am sure that you catch my drift on how this song pans out!

Nick gets so involved and we really have a beautiful interactive time together. I am fairly positive that I am the only mother at the beach front having such fun over a silly song. Go with the flow, I say!

As Nick and his Dad wander to the sand, I sit on the steps leading down to the beach and take some snapshots of them. As they return, I lie on my back and get some shots looking up. Nick thrusts out his hand to grab mine and heaves me back up onto my feet! Quite the strong lad.

It was great to see the following guys putting on a show to earn some bucks. I could have stayed there for ages listening to them..... but sadly, got dragged away by the husband and son. 

This post is for my Mum and my three sisters. They are heading this way at the end of August. I thought it would be helpful to share snippets of our life so that they have some idea of what to expect. The count down is on!!


  1. Fantastic news about your family coming to visit, I'd say you can't wait! The singalong with Nick does sound like great fun, and that video is awesome, Smiley and I would want to stay and watch them all day too xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Blue Sky. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment! I have another video for you very soon! :)

  2. That song is the best... Nicky loves it :) Looks like you got milage out of it too...


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