R2BC ~ September 2015

My family decided to come and visit me in South Africa. Woohoo, much excitement. 
We had an extra special time together and built up a huge bank of awesome memories. 
Picture shared without permission! :p

Image captured by Niki van Velden Photography

The end is in sight for my Project 365. The year has flown by quickly and I have enjoyed 
the challenge of figuring out my camera. I have a lot more to learn and no doubt will
share a few images on this blog. 

Image captured by me

We have a little adventure coming up and the countdown has begun. Watch this space!

Nick's calendar


Ojo's World


  1. That family photo is fabulous, so glad you all got to spend so much time together and good luck with the adventure! xx

    1. Thank you, Blue Sky. I must get it printed and framed! Thanks for the good luck wishes.... they may well be needed! xx

  2. How wonderful to be together! Hope the adventure goes well

  3. I love that photo! What a fantastic thing to happen. Looking forward to finding out what your exciting news is x

    1. Thank you very much.Nearly time for the exciting news! :-)


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