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Sadly, I have had to shut down 'The Bright Side of Life' facebook page. I was getting hit with spam and it was time consuming trying to keep my page free of extremely dodgy and undoubtably fake followers.

They (whoever they may be) say there is a season for everything, therefore perhaps the time has come to cut back on social media.

I have also noticed a trend when it comes to sharing the challenges and joys of raising a child with a disability. People want to read about the early days. They love to hear stories of toddlers and little kids. Topics regarding tweens also make the grade. The fall off of interest happens when the child becomes a teen and then a young adult. Perhaps the parents (blog readers) of younger children find the reality of a severely challenged young adult too much to take on board. I can say with authority that having a glimpse into the possible future of one's own child can be painful.

My blogging has also taken a back seat of late. Life has been busy.

I do have many stories to share. I want to continue writing about our experiences with RDI (Relationship Development Intervention). I also want to expand on our traveling adventures with Nick. I wish to tell you again and again how important it is to be kind to yourself and ensure that you have an interest in something other than your children (and husband!) that makes your heart sing.

My writing will continue......

In the meantime, here is a pretty picture that I took today.


  1. I have found exactly the same thing - but that isn't going to stop me writing about my daughter. I know that some families with much younger children tell me that my blog gives them hope: I can show that life with severe disability can be good - once you get the right supports...

    1. Hello there! I will also continue to keep writing, although probably not as much as I have being doing during this April!!!!! :-) xx


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