Don't lose sight of yourself!

When you have a child with special needs, you get to meet a lot of people that you probably wouldn't have come into contact with! Each and every person I have meet has made an impact on my life. 

I can't say that all of them have made a positive impact..... best I am not speak about the Prof who called me Mummy and told me my son would outgrow his problems at the age of five!), but I digress......

Let me start again.... Most of the people I have meet over the years have made a positive impact!!  The following post comes from a blog written by a woman who I have know for many years and she most definitely contributed to my well being (nope, she was not my Clinical Psychologist!!). 

I really enjoyed reading this latest post and thought it worth passing on. I think it will be useful for Mums with young children with asd; and also a reminder to us 'oldies'!  I especially enjoyed the reminder "don't be too hard on yourself" and "don't lose sight of yourself in all of this".

Thank you Diante, for allowing me to share "Something Special"  :)


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