The Future!

This is such a scary topic to think about!

Autism is prevalent in today's society, we hear about it on the news, we see it in our local communities, there has been an explosion of information on the internet, mothers from all over the world link together.  There are divided opinions, supportive groups, parents sharing their stories and reaching out to others.  There are thousands upon thousands of children under the age of 15 who are on the autism spectrum.

My son is one of them! My son is non verbal. My son has many co-occurring issues. My son can't ride a bike or write his name. My son is 12 years old and on the cusp of puberty. My son is dependant on us - his parents, to care for him.............. for ever!

I am happy to care for him....... for ever!  I love my child passionately and I am sure that I will love my adult child just as passionately!  But, you see, I have a balance!  I am not so totally focused on my child to the exclusion of everyone else in my life. I have learnt to manage my time, to give myself some 'me time'. I have learnt to leave my child in the capable hands of people I can trust.  I am over the guilt of leaving my child for 10 days so that I can take time with the rest of my family, to regroup and to have some time without autism, without restrictions.

BUT......... what about the future?  I am hopeful that I can make a plan to set up a small group home for him.  I am hopeful that his brother will look out for him. I am hopeful that we will be financially secure to provide for his care.

But what happens when I die?  I don't feel so hopeful when I think about that! There are thousands upon thousands of parents like me............. 

I am not sure where this came from!  My mum is flipping through the TV channels and I am sitting in the lounge with her, supposedly keeping her company!! :)


  1. This are all big questions. We think about them too. Then we hit the next meltdown and I get sidetracked again.

  2. I hear you
    It's one of my big worries too .. Wat will happen when I die.. Who will treasure r like I do


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