The Travel Bug!

When I was a little girl (around the age of nine) my homesick dad, my mum and my three sisters boarded a ship, which took six weeks to travel from New Zealand to the United Kingdom. 

We then spent a year moving around the UK, generally flitting between the relatives..... Dad's family in Bangor and my Mum's family in Birmingham and Bognor Regis!

I have vague memories of doing Correspondent School (NZ) in the caravan that sat in my Nain's (Welsh Gran) back garden in Maesgeirchen! But then again, who cares about school ~ my best memories are of the time spent with family and friends (and cringing when made to kiss my Uncle Peter and Uncle Dennis hello/goodbye ~ Hayley and Cathy, don't you dare tell!!!!).

My lovely Uncle Jack,
who reminds me so much of my Dad!

I do remember having the BEST year of my childhood!
and the Travel Bug bit me!

Why am I reminiscing about days gone by when this is a blog about 'living with autism'?

Because... I have a child with autism who can't travel!

I love travelling. I crave travelling and my dream is was to travel the world! We figured that after the kids had left home, we were going to do just that ~ pack up, travel, come home, pack up, travel.........

Big problem!!

The most debilitating issue of autism in our family is that we don't have the flexibility to be 'free'. We can't pack our togs and go to the beach, we can't go for a 'spur of the moment' casual supper with friends, we can't do this, we can't do that!..... I say this in a 'matter of fact' way ~ not in an 'oh, woe is me' way! :)

However, it is always possible to make a plan! We just need a little bit of extra time to come up with a plan!

Take travelling ~ for the last few years, every September school holiday (and it is a short one) we pack up our bags, wave goodbye to Nick and take off on an adventure! It is a bittersweet scenario ~ we are not a complete family without Nick, however, it is not possible to take him with us.  We also need a break from the monotony of autism and really relish our 'normal' time away. It is a tough one!

A few more sleeps
to go!
beyond excited!


  1. Hi just testing. lol Rhi

  2. We have been blessed. Because we moved so much when she was young, Pamela learned to deal with it. She is a great traveler. I pray your plans enable Nick to travel. It widens their mind and thinking when they see the worlds of other people.


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