Fun and GAMES!

Nick has been on school holiday for a week!


Actually, I exaggerate, it wasn't that bad! 

My boy is certainly a lot easier these days! He is comfortable with going to new places and being around people he doesn't know! Gone are the days when he could only cope with one outing a day!  Now we can zip in and out of the supermarket, coffee shop, a friend's house and also go for a walk along the beach front! I am so relieved that he is more adaptable to changes in his environment and routine!

Look, if I am completely honest, it can be a bit frustrating having him around 24/7! Unfortunately he is not capable of entertaining himself ~ unless he is playing with the computer, iPad or watching TV.  Put him in a room with games/toys/whatever and he will sit there with a blank expression on his face and pick his nails or flip through a book! 

The time between my wake up and Nick's bed time amounts to around 13 hours ~ that is a lot of hours to fill in! Especially when you have a kid who doesn't know how to play!!!

We are still doing the Therapeutic Listening Program and I make the most of that 1/2 an hour, twice a day habit! Now don't get me wrong, I am not chained to the post (this is South Africa after all). It is possible to make a plan if I need to have some time out!

In fact, having a school holiday is a great opportunity to slow down, take it easy and spend some quality time with Nick. Besides doing the inevitable grocery shop and having the daily cappuccino fix, I actually do make a bit of an effort and plays some games with my boy...... admittedly not often enough, but I am getting there!!!!

I have discovered that it can be quite fun ~ I can also bring in the latest RDI objective that we are working on, which in turn makes the interaction productive! :)

I am not going to provide an analysis of the above clips ~ I have included them in this post for FUN!

Two more sleeps and it's back to school!!

Nick can't wait! 

~ *  ~


  1. great to see that things are improving with your Nick and that you can get out and about... that's fantastic! Love the videos, he looks really interested in engaging with you...great work;-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog boy can't wait to go back to school either!! (NOT!!)

    xx Jazzy

  2. I am so delighted to hear that Nick can flex with your routine so well - that is AMAZING
    I totally hear you on the difficulty in keeping them occupied
    R does occupy himself pretty well - but not in a way I would like - he plays on the Wii ( and in a very repetitive manner - one of my friends calls this kind of play - where you do the same thing over and over again - the brainpoison play LOL )

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments!
    Hmmm, we have the same problem with the computer and iPad....... definitely brainpoison play!! :)


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