The week that was......

Nick loves listening to music.....
For some strange reason, he will turn on the music and then take himself off to a completely different room and listen to it from a distance. The experience is even better if he has some cushions to burrow under!

Nick loves going in the swimming pool.....
He is very comfortable with Thomas and will happily go into the deep end of the pool, although he is attached to Thomas at all times. Nick's best moments are hanging on to the side of the pool and splashing his brother, me or his Dad. He finds it hilarious when Thomas retaliates and dumps huge amounts of water over him!

Nick loves going out in the car........
This kid of mine gets cabin fever. He is always happy to go out.... and as for me, any excuse for a cappuccino!

Nick loves the checkout queue at Woolworth's; the "next customer please" announcement cracks him up every time........
We have had some strange looks, some indulgent looks and some big smiles! Nick has the most infectious giggle and frankly, I don't care what people think! Although it has to be said, the people who give big smiles, get one back... from me! :)

Nick loves distracting me while I am having a conversation.....
he stands there waiting
reaching out his hand
to touch my arm
my face
internally he is stressed
picking at his nails

he winds his arms around mine
distracting me
he pulls me along
away from the talking friend

I think that Nick loves being stubborn.......
He will purposely dig his heels in when he knows that I request his presence. Aha, but I am too clever for him ~ I stand there and wait. A year ago, I used to have to wait 15 minutes. Today, the longest I have to wait is one minute! Generally, he bounds off that sofa within a couple of seconds. Secretly, I enjoy his stubbornness; it means that he has a mind of his own.

I know that Nick loves school.....
He finds interaction with the other children difficult, however, over the years he has become much more accepting of them in his 'space'. Five years ago Nick would become very distressed if any of the children were upset. On Friday, I was amazed to see him sitting close to a little guy who was having a bad time. I am a little embarrassed to report that Nick was chuckling, although I assume it was because he found the noise stimulating. The picture below is not related to the distress/chuckling incident!

Nick loves our old/on its last legs laptop......
Sadly for him, it was beginning to drive me crazy. Think about it ~ could you listen to the same old Toy Story 30 second scene over and over and over? I lost the plot and made him pack it away into the cupboard. Before you say "mean mum", let me tell you that we set it up again this afternoon... BUT only for half an hour ~ How do you think I managed to find the time to write this post!

Nick loves his family.......
Without a doubt! :)



  1. Our boys sound so alike in so many ways and yet are so different. They both like music but my son likes his music up close and loud. They both love to be in the pool, the car and school. My son is stubborn and I have to wait until he decides he's ready and he hates anybody to be distressed or upset.

    However my son monopolizes my conversations and it is usually me dragging him away when we are out and about - he is a social butterfly.

  2. That's lovely, Jane. Our boys also have something else in common.... going by the photos I have seen of C, they are going to be huge strapping men!!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh music! seems to be a recurring theme amongst special needs kids. They love it! My daughter loves music and will often sing at the top of her voice. Unfortunately she has awful taste in music! lol. Great post.

    1. Thanks jb, I do find music uplifting, although Nick's Britney Spears craze was a bit much!! At least he is now off nursery rhymes! :)
      Hope your daughter's taste improves with time!

  4. he is soooo adorable
    love the pix and the descriptions so much
    love that thing about the music
    also was wondering if you are able to make him listen more effectively when you speak from a distance

    1. Ahh, thank you for your lovely comments! :)
      No, I need to be closer to him when I am speaking, although we can communicate quite effectively long distance using non verbal language and also signs.

  5. loved reading this post Di! Joyful, joyful!

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  8. Pamela finally let go of MGVT last year (her enthusiasm of an obscure collection of video tapes: the Mother Goose Video Treasury). We are thankful!

    1. Hi Tammy, I am so glad that Nick doesn't know about Mother Goose!!! :)

  9. Lovely post about your Nick Di, loved it and your approach to life ;-)

    I've just tagged you over at mine for a little award :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. Thanks Jazzy,
    A little award? I am heading over your way, right now! x

  11. Oh boy - this could have been me writing this story about my Chris! Our mutual friend Leanne told me about you and Nick and I'd love to meet you and Nick next time we come to Durban. x

    1. Hi Dee,
      Thanks for your comment. Is our mutual friend Leanne E?
      I would also like to meet you and your son Chris. Please get my phone number off Leanne and we will make a plan next time you are here! :)

  12. "Secretly, I enjoy his stubbornness; it means that he has a mind of his own."

    I echo your sentiments!

    Lovely blog.

  13. Stranded, I am delighted to see you! You have just reminded me.. I have missed reading Tammy's latest post! Must head over there now! Lets keep in touch ~ I find your posts very interesting! :)

  14. You are such a wonderful, patient mom. My son also loves music, he is 23 and a huge strapping lad (which probably confirms your suspicions about your guys, lol). Much to his wonderful stepfather's distress (him being very English and all) my son loves 'boeremusiek' you know the type that old Afrikaans folks used to love so much. I must be honest, I am quite happy with this, can you imagine if he liked heavy metal what that would be like? Other than that he is pretty normal in the sense that he likes hip hop music like young people his own age. He also hates to be touched, he misinterprets most kinds of touching. He was only diagnosed recently with autistic spectrum disorder. I have always been told when he was small just to accept that he is handicapped and that giving a label to it is not going to make a difference, but believe me, it does! It makes it a lot easier to understand his odd social responses and finally I understand why he is the way he is. I wish all the moms here with special needs kids lots of love and emotional strength.

  15. @Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog, I really appreciate your kind words. I am embarrassed to admit that I don't really know boeremusiek. I am originally from New Zealand... and South Africa is my adopted country! Best wishes to you all.

  16. Di, I loved the photos and the snapshot you have given into nick's and your life. He sounds (and looks) like a wonderful boy.

    1. Hi LittleMamma
      Thank you for your comment.
      He is a sweetie, even if I say so myself! :D


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