A weekend in pictures!

Driving in on Friday...
I take off my seatbelt and breathe.
My shoulders relax and all worries disappear.

Driving out on Saturday...
Pictures are deceiving. It is a cold windy day and we are stuck indoors. Enough, we cried... lets head for the snow!

Okay, there we have it ~ snow!
We also went to our old favorite coffee spot BUT no animals allowed! 
We found a better spot WITH better cappuccinos and the dog sat at my feet.

Home again... 
Having a little chill time! Yes, that's Nick under there. No, I don't know how he can work the iPad without seeing what is going on! Me ~ I am irritated because I don't have internet access except for my phone! 

The wind has died down. Come on lazy boys, lets go walking!
We are feeling a little apprehensive. Nick is not a keen walker and this route is a bit tricky in places! 

Crossed the rickety bridge, trip, trap. Giving a little bit of assistance up the steep slope.

Hey Mum, are you still with me?

Okay, I have had enough now. Can we go home?

How about computer?

*WOW* .... he made it to the top.
I still can't believe it!

We walked from  w...a....y   over there and some!

There is something so special about this magical place that we are lucky enough
 to visit once a month.

My big kid, the dog and my big kid's friend.
The dog had a wee op that involved stitches, hence the cone!
(Photo shared with permission!)

Until next time......


  1. That looks like a wonderful trip and the scenery is really gorgeous x

  2. Really love those photos and your added effects. Looks like a great trip.

    xx Jazzy

  3. What fantastic pictures! You made it to the top! yay! Love the cone picture "shared with permission"!! So glad your dog allowed it! :0

  4. Hi Blue Sky, Jazzy and Kathleen
    I left you each a long reply.... and then as I posted it, I lost my internet connection! Grrr.
    Thank you for your comments, I am glad you liked the photos, although I must say that our scenery is not quite as lush and beautiful as yours. xxx

  5. Love the cone of shame! LOL Way to persevere, Nick!!!!

  6. Wonderful pictures... I wonder if you got the snow too... :o)

    1. Thanks, Petra. We had snow on the hills above Mbona and it made for a very cold weekend! :)


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