Diary entry day one......

5am:   Get woken by husband who is going for a run (in the rain!)

5.45:   Get up kids and let the dog out for a wee.

6.45:    Say goodbye to number one son and wish him a good day at school.

7.20:    Tell number two son that it is time for school..... lets go!

7.21:    Oh shit, dog has destroyed two large bags containing plants for school.

7.22:    Oh double shit, number two son is missing a shoe, I can't find it anywhere.

7.23     Find new pair of shoes that I bought at the same time as the missing shoe.

7:40     Arrive at school, unload the kid and plants.... and decide to stay for a while.

9:30     Oops, still at school but enjoying time with the wonderful team and the kids.

10:00    Arrive at shopping centre to have coffee with lovely friend. 

11:00    On 2nd coffee. I swear too much and have a wee driz! Sorry, lovely friend! x

11:45    Oh my word, look at the time. Need to go collect number two son from school.

12:30    Collect number two son. Am so excited to see photo of him on a bike!

1:00pm   Number two son has lunch, dog has a biscuit, I had lunch when out.

1:15       Think about doing a planned RDI engagement.

1:20       Find dog with half eaten bar of camel chocolate (given by lovely Dubai friend).

1:20      Frantic phone call to vet....... whilst on phone, number two son calls me......

1:20      Needs a change of clothes..... "oh shit, please go and get some clean clothes"

1:21      Frantically look for dog to see if choking or vomiting.  Happily playing in garden.

1:22      Door bell rings. Delivery of wine for husband. Dog likes visitors and open gates!!!

1:25     Manage to get dog inside house before opening the gate for delivery man.

1:27     Go and find number two son to find him in state of undress and curtains open.

1:27     Sigh!

1:28     Stuff it, decide to go to the beach front for a walk with dog and number two son.

1:45     Arrive at beach and go for lovely stroll, although dog keeps finding chicken bones!

2:30     Head home feeling better.

3:00     Go to a dentist appointment for me and number two son.

3:30     Oh crikey, I need a filling. Number two son very happy with iPad.

4:00     Pretending like mad that being in the dentist chair is easy and fun *thumbs up*.

4:15     Tired of being in the chair and tired of pretending. Number two son being a star.

4:30     Number two son in the chair. Like heck is he going to open that mouth!

5:00pm   Collect number one son from a lovely friend's house.

               Evening chaos begins

7:00pm   Number two son in bed

               We sit down to hastily prepared supper.

                Number one son very concerned about dog.

                Husband admits to eating the chocolate (and thought it delicious).

                Husband admits to leaving the chocolate on coffee table. 
                ("but the dog shouldn't be in that room")   

7:42pm    Sore mouth and no pain tablets.   

7:44pm    Off to rummage in pantry cupboard for some chocolate!  



  1. haha...Love it! Thanks for the humor called your life :)

  2. You had a 'party' going on this day, didn't you. I hope you will feel better tommorow.

  3. Love it, but I want to know what happened in the pantry and why the wine was only for your husband!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing- glad to know I'm not the only one who has days like this! (big smile)

  5. @Kathy ~ it is true, my life can be very humorous! :)

    @Petra ~ phew, so hectic... but in a good way! (Except for the tooth!)

    Blue Sky ~ I am still in the dog box for raiding the husband's wine fridge when I had book club at my house last week!

    @ZipMommy ~ I am so relieved that it is not just me who has days like this! Hee hee....

  6. 6.33 tunred on coffee machin
    6.34 was so glad to see your comment - need to change the blog link on my side bar as I keepgetting excited when I see you have posted .. only to find a post on automobiles
    6.35 I loved your funny sweet post
    Boy you ARE a busy busy woman
    loved that picture of Nik on bike
    6.36 - finally changed the link

  7. Di - I thought of you yesterday - my day got a little derailed yesterday when the dog rolled in something disgusting and I had to give him a bath. No other disasters, thank goodness!

  8. @Floortime Lite Mama ~ K, you are too funny. So, you don't like the car blog!!! ;) Thank goodness it isn't porn! I so enjoyed your comment... a million thanks xx

    @ZipMommy ~ Oh boy, what is it about dogs and disgusting stuff?! I like your expression "derailed", I must remember that one! :)


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