Never too old for nursery rhymes!

It's bath time for my 14 year old autistic son. The teen who has motor planning issues and low muscle tone. He needs assistance, although I am slowly encouraging him to become more independent.

The soaping and washing is a bit of a chore, as is the shampooing of his hair. It is all pretty standard stuff and rather boring!

But, wait.....

A while back we discovered a way of interacting with each other in a meaningful and fun manner. Hello to an old favorite nursery rhyme. Goodbye to drudgery and boredom. Hello laughter, engagement, joint attention and experience sharing.

Me: Singing loudly and merrily.
"The wheels on the bus go round and round"
I stop and wait for my son to respond 

Him: Smiling, he makes the sign for "Dad"

Me: "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. Dad on the bus goes......"
I stop and wait for my son to respond.

Him: Has a little think for 20 seconds. "Oh, no!" (he speaks!)

Me: "Dad on the bus goes "Oh, no. Oh no" (singing off key!)

Him: Peels of laughter.

We carry on in this manner. Me providing the opportunity for my son to participate in the nursery rhyme. Him gleefully choosing people, animals and objects to be on the bus; then choosing the noises and words that they are using.

Our rhyme is never the same.

The babies on the bus go wah wah wah
The dogs on the bus go woof woof woof
The driver on the bus says move along please
The horse on the bus goes neigh neigh neigh
The mum on the bus goes ssh ssh ssh
The car on the bus goes beep beep beep
Tom on the bus says go Nick, go Nick
........ and the list goes on...

We pause and wait. We reference each other's facial expression. We read the body language being used. We communicate. We talk. We laugh.

We have an amazing connection. 

14 years of age and still interested in nursery rhymes.

Pah! Who cares? I don't.

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  1. So endearing! Makes bath time so special :-)

    xx Jazzy

    PS The person I refer to in my post is Katie Hopkins! I refused to name her and give her even 1 google hit!!

    1. Hi Jazzy, it certainly does make bath time more fun! Hmm, I don't know the name and for your sake I won't google her! Thanks for stopping by. xx

  2. Awww! And guess what, I do something similar here with Smiley...along the lines of "This is the way we wash our hair, wash our hair, wash our hair. This is the way we wash our hair, on a cold and frosty morning!" Remember that one??? xx

    1. Blue Sky, I am glad that I am not the only one who still sings nursery rhymes. I do remember that one.... and will give it a try next bath time! :) xx

  3. That's sweet! Nursery rhymes have a way of lightening the mood, and I use them often at home. #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. Thank you, Tarana. Nursery rhymes never grow old! :)

  4. Aww, I loved this post. I'm just learning that communicating is about so much more than words. Sounds like you and your son have a terrific connection. #SSAA

    1. Hi Mrboosmum ~ true that, communication is so much more than words. Great to hear that you loved the post, thank you.

  5. Love this-we use a lot of nursery rhymes to try and help Mini with eating and dressing. Music is such a great means of opening channels of communication. #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. I so agree with you, Aedín. Using any type of music is fantastic. Thank you for your comment.

  6. This is fantastic an amazing connection for both of you. This is why I love taking my boy to theme parks, those few moments on a ride equal an amazing connection that money couldn't buy. It's interesting you mention the word boredom, I find the non verbal world very intense and sometimes suffocating. I'm hoping the baby on the way will mix things up a bit!!!!! Thinking about it I sing 'I'm going to wash that man out of my hair' when washing Ethan's hair lol.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    1. So happy to link up with your SSAA. I am sorry that you find the non verbal world a bit hard going, it can be quite monotonous that is for sure! So exciting about your baby news! :)


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