Project 365 ~ Day 2 - 7

For those of you who are interested in photography, I have a Nikon D7000 and am using a 50mm lens for this post. Each photograph represents one day. I choose my subject and work around it. I then choose the picture that I like the most and keep it for my Project 365.

I had so much fun trying to capture Nick's fingers. They are always in motion; swiping across the iPad, clasping his other hand or gently picking away at his lip. For this shot, I used shutter priority.

Phew, I took so many close up shots of Nick's face and only walked away with two! It is actually quite fascinating to watch him through the lens; and in fact, I didn't realise how much he actually moves his body, face, hands and eyes. Always busy. Another shutter priority capture.

I laughed over the following photograph. I spent 15 minutes splayed out on the floor, head all squiff, trying to peer through my lens in order to focus on Nick's foot! Who knows what he thought of the whole process!

We spent the weekend at Mbona and the weather didn't provide the best light for any type of capture. I ended up asking Nick to sit outside for five minutes (brrrrrr); and using aperture priority, I managed to get some quick shots of his hand.

The rain and mist let up so we took a visit to a neighboring farm to spend some time wandering around their (open to the public) garden. Nick was constantly on the move AND due to his height I only managed to get shots 'looking up', hence the light in this photo is not the greatest. I am not keen on the shot, however, it was the best of a bad bunch!

Back at home and Nick is hanging out in his favorite spot. He usually spends a bit of time here with his iPad, although today, to my surprise he chose to listen to some music. Due the fast motion of his swinging, I used shutter priority.

One week down and only 51 to go!!


  1. I love it and love to watch you photographic journey. BTW answered the B question on my blog

    1. Thank you so much, cat. I have a long way to go.... in all areas! :-) I saw your reply re the B question. It sounds fascinating and something else for me to learn!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Heidi. Let's hope they are WAY better in a year's time! Eish, I don't know how you managed 365 paintings! :-)

  3. Wonderful shots: I love the lighting on the hand ones xx


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