Forever Parenting

I have been SO slack these past few months. Not that Nick is complaining about my mothering skills, you understand! For sure, I am doing all that good mum stuff, however, I haven't been guiding him in an effective manner. He (we) have been cruising through our days and there hasn't been much RDI learning/guiding/progress happening.

That aside, traveling has been high on the agenda this year and I have really enjoyed some fantastic grown up time without the responsibilities of caring for a special needs teen, who (although extremely lovable) is a 24/7/365 job!

At the end of the day, I am going to be parenting Nick until it is no longer possible. Therefore, I am giving myself permission to seize any exciting opportunities that come my way. I feel that it is important to have breaks, whether they be short and sweet like a catch up with friends; or larger adventures like traveling with the husband. Now that Nick is practically 17, it is much easier to leave him for a few days. I also think the change in routine is good for him.

A happy mum = a happy teen.


  1. Absolutely, I completely agree, long may the trips continue :) xx

    1. Thank you, Blue Sky. We will definitely be seeing you again! xx


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