It's been a mad, bad, sad day!

I woke up far too early and couldn't go back to sleep. I dragged both boys out of bed and even tried singing Happy Birthday to Nick....... no response!!  Oh what a surprise!!

For the first time ever Nick decided he wasn't going to eat breakfast.  He sat at the table like a slab of granite.  So.... no breakfast for him today!

Then it started pouring with rain!  I raced off to the school bus stop with one boy and I couldn't help myself here (must have been the breakfast thing!!!)... I wept and wailed all the way to the bus stop, with the teenager sitting in the passenger seat looking absolutely flummoxed. To give him his due, he did give me a hug when he got out of the car!

I then rushed home to collect the other one, to get him to his O.T session by 7.30am (takes half an hour to get to O.T!)

Once O.T was all over and Nick was back at school....... I headed off to buy bread and milk and then to meet a friend for coffee at 10am! Well, would you bloody well believe it, as soon as I left the supermarket carpark - the car started playing up and an ominous light started flashing on my dashboard. Thankfully the mechanic we use was just across the road and thankfully Allan is away! :)  One of the lads dropped me at home to collect Allan's car and I still made it for my 10am coffee!

Oh yeah, so much for retail therapy - the money went to the man who came in this morning to inject all the holes in my kitchen floor.  We are riddled with bora, well not any more!  But I am R1800 short, could kick myself for not getting another quote!

So anyway, I collect Nick from school and what does he do when he gets home - takes off his shoes and stands in a little puddle of poison that hasn't been wiped away!

Oh, nearly forgot!  Gladys (who comes to my house on a part time basis to do some cleaning and ironing - yes I am very lucky!) comes to work late.  To be honest, this doesn't bother me as she is a really nice woman and we have an easy going relationship. Well, my bottom lip dropped to the floor when she told me why she was late, she was also quite astounded that I hadn't heard the news!  Her daughter's school was possessed by demons yesterday.  The demons did not affect the boys, only the girls. There was a lot of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth going on!  Therefore, they were all sent home yesterday and couldn't go back this morning until all the demons had been chased away. If I had of known, I would have gone to the school yesterday and joined in - that way, I would have been absolutely fine today! Yes, I know that I am being cynical!  Sometimes this cultural thing has me shaking my head!

I took one look at Nick this afternoon, (after he had eaten some lunch!) and thought to myself, I really can't deal with you today.......... so I let him stim all afternoon on the computer and then the car CD player.  Happy Birthday Nick!  Needless to say he was extremely happy for the rest of the day!

At 4pm, we went to collect Thomas from Hockey. What should happen when we get to the new hockey astro....... we come across a security guard and a boom.  And guess what he tells me.... can you guess?  All I want to do is drive into the carpark, collect my son and his mate and then leave the carpark.  But no, I don't have a sticker on my car, therefore I must park my car on the verge outside on the road.  So, I tell him that I can't leave my child with special needs in car alone and I can't take him with me!!!  We exchanged quite a few words and I won!  Am phoning the school tomorrow!

But you know what, all this is nebulous stuff, typical day to day stuff, bits an pieces of life that aren't that interesting.  There is a lot more important stuff out there, a lot more important people out there, special people. We only have one chance at life so we have to grab it, enjoy it, love it! So no more whining from me - 26th May is a new day and I am ready to get on with it.  
My thoughts are with a very special friend


  1. What a day! Happy birthday Nick.

    BTW...there are many days I think my household has hosted those same demons...gnashing, wailing, the whole nine yards. Could I get a day off out of it?

  2. They don't call us warrior moms for nothing!


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