Dear RDI Consultant!

Dear fellow mum/online friend/RDI consultant
Can you believe how fast these last months have gone by? ......... it is nearly a year since I signed up to work with you! In fact I signed up with you just before you 'officially' became an RDI Consultant! I can still remember when you announced that you were going to start studying to become a consultant! Time flies!

We started our journey on the old platform, which in itself was very useful and full of information (or so we thought before the introduction of the new platform!!).  Wow, I am seriously loving the new site, lots of really great webinars at our fingertips, the opportunity to be a participant in a webinar, the feeling that I am part of a worldwide community, the ability to link up with my RDI mates.  The site looks fabulous and is very user friendly.

My two favourite features are the 'Family Discussions' and the 'Family Notebook'.  The ease with which we can communicate with each other is amazing.  I like the fact that you can send me an assignment and that our correspondence relating to that assignment just flows. The big bonus of the 'Family Discussion' feature is that we get email notification as soon as something has been posted. I can't tell you enough how helpful it is for my husband and also my child's Speech Therapist to receive these emails. They can keep up with what we are doing and then use that information to help them and in turn help my boy. I do, however, miss being able to access the family video archives, as I found that being able to watch other parents working with their kids was incredibly useful... and a great source of ideas! :)  

I also like the personal touch that we have created with our 'coffee corner'.  I like that we are able to have a private conversation, talk rubbish, laugh and connect over stuff that is not relevant to the other members of our team (I can send you a secret message to give my husband a kick up the butt!!). Oh, and let's not forget about the YouTube feature! What a bonus being able to upload my video footage onto YouTube and then onto our family platform?  It is all so incredibly quick and easy!

As we all know, it is very hard to communicate without actually being face to face with the person we are liaising with. We are unable to read those subtle non verbal cues and the way we use our body language to get our point across! Thanks to the smiley face app, we can let each other know whether we speak in jest or with doubt/questions/humor/happiness. We can simply use a smile to inform each other not to take a comment too personally or in the wrong way. Thanks to Skype it is also very easy to get in touch, face to face....... although figuring out the time difference can be a bit tricky!! ;)

Having you on board has helped me tremendously. Having you there to guide me through this parenting process is invaluable. To be honest, I don't think about what stage my son is at and I am not desperate to know where on the program he is.  I am content to go with the flow and just follow you to wherever you lead us. Yes, at times I do find RDI to be hard work, sometimes it is difficult to get to grips with what I am doing with my child........ but you are there to watch what I am doing, to observe and comment, to guide me on my personal journey.  So, if I am battling a bit I can just send you a quick note via Coffee Corner.... and I know that you will answer me within four days!! ;)  You will give me the boost that I need and you will make sure that I am getting the guidance that I need.  

I realise that you put more personal time into me and my family than what I pay you for! I also realise that some months I haven't contributed as much as I should have, therefore, those lean times from me make up for the extra time you give to us.  I like that we have this 'swings and roundabouts' approach. Thank you for that.  

I am sure that you are aware that I am not obsessed about 'doing' RDI 24/7. I am also sure that you are agreeable with this......... RDI is a family lifestyle and within that lifestyle there has to be a balance.  There has to be time for chilling, no pressure, no expectations....... just hanging out!  There has to be time spent away from autism, time spent with my other child, time spent with my husband, time for myself and time with my friends! :) 

Thank you for being a great consultant. I am really enjoying the opportunity to learn, explore and expand the old grey matter. I hope to head your way at some stage, on one of my autism free holidays..... I hear the shopping is good over there!

Take care and chat soon!

Di x

P.S. I don't write my blog until my latest RDI feedback has been sent.... gotta get the priorities right you know haha!!!



  1. How sweet! Thanks for sharing this post.


  2. Hi Di,
    The video resource library will be back :-) And promises to be better than before. We just need to iron out a few things re permission & then it will be up & running on all cylinders!!!


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