Practicing my pausing!

These last couple of weeks have seen me being mindful about using any opportunity to 'pause' within an interaction.  I mentioned in a previous post that Nick should understand pauses within 'US'. Our consultant is looking for "the challenge that Nick *anticipates* continuing by NOT showing stress within the pause."  I think we are doing OK!  :)

As luck would have it,  a really great article on 'The Pause That Makes All The Difference' was posted on the RDI site this week. Click and read, it is worth it!

So, on that note........... all I have to add are a couple of short clips of me 'practicing my pausing' with my boy!



  1. What an amazing astute RDI person you are

  2. Di - you amaze me....I am in awe of how wonderful you are with your son.


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