There's something about my boy!

I am forever learning...........

The differences between my child and other children on the spectrum
The different experiences of parents from around the world
The different therapies that are out there and that there is no 'one size fits all'
The sense of community
The feeling of respect for others who live autism daily
That writing about autism is healing
That writing my blog shares my story to those people who want to know about it

I am forever grateful......

For my family
For the wonderful people who have made a difference to my child's life
For the friends who have been there for me
That I have never had to deal with negative comments (well, only a couple!)
That I have never been judged for my child's behaviour
That people always ask after Nick..... that really means a lot
That I can always 'make a plan'
That I don't take life too seriously
That Nick doesn't have any tummy issues
That Nick does not have any self injurious behavior
That Nick is the sweetest, gentlest child you could ever meet



  1. That made my morning... I love the way you see the (and your) world.

  2. you and me both
    I loved your post
    I think R and Nick have many similarities


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