School's out!

Do I sense a little stress
Just a hint of angst
School hols were such a mess
No reason to say thanks

The empty days brought dread
My tummy was in knots
My shoulders felt the weight of lead
The anxiety of which were lots

My child just couldn't cope

It was stay at home or combust
Our journey was bleak without sign of hope
The many dreams were crushed

This went on for quite a time

Until not long ago, in fact
You see, with little steps we began to climb
The progress code RDI had cracked

Slowly, slowly I became his guide

And bit by bit, my boy welcomed me
It was with relief, I sighed
The weight lifted and we were free

What changed? you may ask

My boy became Mr Flexible
Life no longer a task
But meaningful and changeable

So comfortable with variation

No need for rigid routine
You can imagine the elation
felt by me and mine

No social stories for this kid
Or schedules of any sort
More freedom to do as bid
without a lot of thought

Our holidays are welcomed
No more angst or stress
More avenues to be explored
My worries a little bit less

We still have a way to go

Our explorations are close to home
I figure if we take it slow
Our future will provide more places to roam

I held the phone and Nick pushed the button!


  1. Fab, fab, FAB... love it! And the selfie too :-)

    xx Jazzy

    1. Thanks so much, Jazzy. We are getting a little addicted to selfies... because I can get such wonderful smiles out of Nick! :) xx

  2. So hopeful and happy! Hope you both really enjoy the holidays xx

    1. Hi Blue Sky. The holidays are going well so far, thank goodness. I am loving that RDI has made life easier for us all! xx

  3. LOVE everything about this post - the poem , the progress and the picture ( 3P's )

    1. Thank you, K. Your lovely comment made me smile. :-)

  4. Ahhh love this you can add poet to your long list of reasons why you are awesome!! :)

    1. Thanks, Kathy! Hope you are having a fabulous Birthday! :)

  5. This fills me with hope and I love the selfie. You are a beautiful mother to your sons.

    1. Hi rhemashope, as you are to your two gorgeous girls. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Wow - beautiful! It feels like that poem could have been written about our experience over here. And the blog looks lovely!


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