Hopeful Parents ~ August 2013

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  1. Hi Di,
    That's a great post! It's interesting when you look back in time and realise things didn't really pan out the way you planned. My two girls in different schools isn't one thing I envisioned as part of our future 6 yrs ago! But now that's now so important to me anymore and I don't really mind. The goal posts change so often its hard to keep up! At the moment I'd settle for a full nights sleep but as soon as I get that (if ever!) I am sure I'll be quickly moving onto something else. I suppose being aware of that has made me realise I'll always be wishing for something and there will be no magic perfect time so I may as well enjoy the here and now. As they say it's all I got!! Love the new blog look, I have some posts to catch up on.
    Be in touch soon
    Kats xxxxx

  2. Thank you, Kats. You are right, we may as well enjoy the here and now!! Great to hear that you like the new look. I still have that card for you, which I will post off this week. Chat soon. xx


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