Water Wise!

Out of the blue, Nick picked up my glass of water and drank it! He only drinks juice (very diluted with water) so he must have been really thirsty to blow caution to the wind and gulp down the whole lot!

It got me thinking..... 

Time to get this boy drinking water.
What would happen to him if he ever found himself alone without anyone to guide him?
Would he actually go to the tap and pour himself a glass of water?


The perfect activity for an RDI planned engagement!

Drinking Water!


When planning my framework, I decided to use declarative language to invite Nick to respond. For example: I would say something along the lines of: "we need two cups, one for me and one for you". 

Note: Nick is very comfortable with his role of collecting the cups, therefore the start of our activity is relaxed and Nick feels competent. 


I also decided on our roles, as in, who would do what. For example; I would put water into my cup and then Nick would put water into his cup. This part of the engagement would be Nick's *plus one*, as he finds it difficult to judge how much water to put into the cup.

Note: Nick handled the challenge well, although he still filled up the cup. I made sure to spotlight the difference between the amounts of water in each cup. This is a work in progress. 


For the third part of our framework I decided that it would be a great idea to drink our water *together*. I chose a reciprocal pattern and Nick had to observe me and coordinate his actions with mine. 

Note: Nick is a little bothered. He can easily match his actions with mine; however, in this case I know that he really wasn't keen on drinking the water. I am thrilled that he stayed with me and it is wonderful to see his resilience.


Note to self:

Plan a framework around an activity.
Designate roles and role actions
Be mindful about communication methods
Start off with a familiar action that Nick feels competent with
Add in a small challenge
Spotlight the challenge before it happens
Spotlight the challenge after it has happened
Assess the situation. Has Nick reached his limit (edge plus one) or can we carry on for another step?


  1. I love the way you summed up what he had learned at the end, I must find a way of doing that here too xx

    1. Thank you, Blue Sky. It seems to help Nick if I recap on what we have done. It takes a while to get into the routine of summing up! :)

  2. Drinking water is so important so well done! Thinking ahead to skills our children may need is a very useful exercise, in all areas. And it is definitely something I should look into here too!xx

    1. Hi Jazzy, I have been very remiss at getting Nick to drink water. You are so right, it is very important..... I am hoping that one day Nick will be able to spontaneously help himself. Fingers crossed. x


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