#R2BC ~ Sweet 16 and other news

Happy 16th Birthday to our sweet and innocent Nick. ‪#‎ourforeverchild‬

I cannot lie. I do hit a bit of a low in the days leading up to Nick's Birthday. The day itself is a reminder of all that we are missing out on, him included. Thankfully the pity party for one fizzled out around morning tea time of the big day, and I was all happy and cheery again by the time I picked the Birthday boy up from school. Hmmm, my reason to be cheerful? Thinking. Thinking.... Celebrating that my hectically autistic 16 year old is a really easy teen. :p

I attended a photography wildlife talk last night. The presenter was really interesting and I also understood quite a bit of his technical jargon. I am loving this hobby of mine and really get a kick out of creating images. Most of my photographs are rubbish but who cares. They are my rubbish and I like them. 

Hey, my Mum arrives on Tuesday! She is hanging out with us for the next six weeks. Don't really have any exciting plans for her (sorry Mum). I am sure that we will come up with a few ideas to keep her occupied..... Hope she likes little yappy dogs!

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  1. Happy happy Bday to Nick and to you! And I love your photos

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Much appreciated. xx

  2. A very special Happy Sweet 16th to your sweet boy Nick! Hope you all enjoyed the day and that you enjoy your time with your mum. And I don't think your images are rubbish at all, I really like them! xx

  3. Happy Birthday to Nick and I hope the day was lovely for all of you. Please don't say that your photos are rubbish, because I don't think that anyone thinks that! And enjoy your time with your Mum, very precious xx

  4. I saw on facebook that Nick was 16, how time flies! I feel like I've been following his story for an age. Happy Birthday Nick, I hope it was a day filled with all you love xx


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