Family Time

We have had a proactive day that involved a few changes to our regular family routine. In fact, I threw Nick a huge curveball by postponing shower time until late morning! Wearing pajamas at breakfast time is not usual in this house! He helped me unstack the dishwasher, mix up a big batch of cereal, measure out some ingredients for Play Dough and assist with washing some dishes. 

In my quest to expand on Nick's limited diet, I decided to make Butternut soup for lunch. Unfortunately, I was missing two major ingredients, so decided to change the flavour by adding some curry powder. Nick is not used to strong tasting food so I only added a teaspoon! His lunch is pretty much the same each day, therefore it was a new challenge for him to have the soup, especially one that was a tiny bit spicy! Woohoo, he ate it. #happymum

Nick and his Dad went out for a walk to get some exercise in for the day. When they got back, I gave Nick the go ahead to have some iPad time. He had far too much, but hey, his folks needed some space. He also needed some time for himself and I think that it is important to respect that. 

We received an invite from friends to go out for supper to a local Indian restaurant. To be honest, I was a bit concerned about taking Nick, as my Butternut curry soup is far removed from Chicken Tikka Masala! Thankfully, the husband was adamant that we could make a plan and he ordered Nick a takeaway Spaghetti Bolognese from the local Italian restaurant. Everyone was happy and we had a lovely time, thank you very much. 

All in all, Nick was an absolute star. We were able to be spontaneous and go out at the drop of a hat. Our morning was upside down, yet Nick just went with the flow. I let go of the mother guilt and didn't worry about the extra time he spent on his iPad. 

It's been a wonderful public holiday for us today. Happy Women's Day, South Africa. 


  1. Oh my word - there is growth in leaps and bounds

    1. It really is so fabulous. Thanks for stopping by, cat. x


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