Orange and Green Stuff

Oh my word, I am sick of eating Butternut soup, Butternut and Ginger soup and Curried Butternut soup! I can't for the life of me understand why Nick likes to eat Spaghetti Bolognese three or four times a week. Yuk.

But, hey, it's fabulous that Nick likes the soup. Woohoo, a new food.

I threw him a curveball today by planning a little family lunch, outside on our veranda. Me, the husband and Nick. No iPad, no music, no story CD's. No fruit and veg juice, no yoghurt and no toast with jam. Wow, lots of changes for my boy. We had soup!

Anyway, while we are on a roll, I decided to try something new. Edge +1 and all that. I found some baby marrow spaghetti at our local smart shop that looked pretty good, and I figured that it would blend in well with pasta. When Nick's supper had been cooked, I called him over to watch me serve it up. First the pasta spaghetti, then a small amount of baby marrow spaghetti. I added the mince on top and then chopped it all up.

Nick sat at the table, bowl in front of him, fork hovering over the food. He eventually ate around one third of the food and then started to sign for 'finished'. He ate a tiny bit more while I continued to send him reassuring smiles of encouragement. Eventually I could see that he was struggling a bit and after some thought I decided to remove some of the green bits of baby marrow. Voila, that seemed to do the trick. I guess that after years of eating Spag Bol, having some green in there was totally wrong! Generally, Nick polishes off a large bowl of his favorite meal, however, this time he only ate around two thirds. Needless to say I was really pleased with his effort and the fact that it was a relatively stress free experience.

Slowly but surely we both continue to make progress on this food journey of ours. Adding new foods to a very restricted diet is possible. The proof is in the pudding vegetables!


  1. I think your Nick did really well toe at two-thirds of a new food...even if it was just the green bits that was new! And yay for the soup too. Such healthy choices :) xx

  2. Sounds good to me: with the help of others my son is slowly eating new foods too, but sometimes it's one step forwards and two back! xx


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