Up Close and Personal

I am doing a short photography course. It is very interesting and a real challenge. 
We are learning about Lightroom (online photography editing program) and lots of other fascinating stuff. Sadly, I broke my camera lens while doing one of the homework assignments.... but hey, such is life. Gulp.

Our lecturer has asked us to choose a personal project for the duration of the course. After much thought, I eventually decided to focus on Nick. He is extremely difficult to capture, therefore this project will give me the opportunity to really practice using my camera, working with light etc etc. Way harder than taking photographs of flowers! 

Let's hope he enjoys his 'male model' role as much as I enjoy my role as photographer!


  1. 'Pensive' I think is the word I'd choose for these gorgeous photos.
    At this stage I think you could probably give photography classes!! xx

    1. So lovely of you to say so. I still have a long long way to go! xx


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