Another year!

Well, let's not bother with the old year and let's just concentrate on the here, now and thereafter!

Our first day of 2011 and already autism has been the focus of the day.  Nick has been a bit of a pain of late, off his food, a bit aggressive and lot of 'otherwise'.  HOWEVER, I think we have come to the bottom of his problem, or should I say root of his problem!  The poor boy indicated that his mouth was sore and then proceeded to try and jam MY finger in his mouth - this is rather big for me as it can be a huge chore to get in that   mouth and near those very sharp teeth.  Low and behold...... a very wobbly tooth and quite a bit of blood!  The kid has now taken himself off to bed and I would imagine that when he wakes tomorrow morning (bright and early!) his mouth will be minus a tooth and it will be safely tucked away in his tummy.......... don't think I will bother the tooth fairy with this one!

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